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Microsoft sets the launch date of its all-new browser

Microsoft announced on Monday that it plans to launch the final version of the improved version of its web browser (Edge) Edge for the gener...

Microsoft announced on Monday that it plans to launch the final version of the improved version of its web browser (Edge) Edge for the general public early next year, after months of testing.

The software giant said it plans to launch its all-new browser on January 15, and said: The semi-official version of the browser is now available for users of Microsoft Windows and (MacOS) of Apple, and comes with a code New to the application.

In August, Microsoft released the first beta of Edge to test it before the final release.

The enhanced version of Edge, which replaced the popular Internet Explorer browser with the launch of Windows 10 in 2015, is based on Google's open-source Chromium engine, which runs many popular web browsers. Such as: Chrome from Google, Firefox from Mozilla.

The semi-official release released today comes with several new privacy features, including InPrivate private browsing, which will keep search terms confidential in Microsoft's Bing search engine and delete browser session information when Close its own window. The browser will activate tracking by default.

In May, during its annual developer conference Build 2019, Microsoft announced features coming to the browser, including: (Internet Explorer mode), which allows businesses to download their old websites - especially internal - to run directly Within the new Edge browser, using the Internet Explorer engine.

In addition to the (Internet Explorer mode) feature, Microsoft has announced a number of features targeted to ordinary users, such as: customizing and synchronizing data import, and add-ons from other browsers, including: Chrome, Mozilla. The new version also supports add-ons and extensions from other stores, and also comes with a new feature called Collections, which allows users to collect text, images, and information from the Internet in a diary, and can transfer information to other services, such as Word and Excel .

Microsoft said at the time: The new (Edge) will provide new privacy features, including 3 levels to prevent tracking: not strict, balanced, and strict.

Most of the features announced last May are available, but in the Canary beta, and have not yet reached the beta version released today.

The new beta version of the new Edge browser for Windows and MacOS can be downloaded here.