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 Thank you for being here :) I’m so excited to welcome you to 89 Tips SHOW , and please don’t hesitate to comment, or contact me on my fan page here, or using the contact form here, whenever you have any question or concern about any of my recipes. I'm the co-founder behind 89 Tips SHOW.

I started my cooking blogging journey in the 2008, when I was a high school student. At that time I didn’t write anything about me, but as I grow old I discovered that it’s very important for my visitors to know something about’s and who is behind its posts and recipes. This is a kind of reinforcing connections and building some trust between me and you, and hopefully I did succeed in this mission.

My goal when I first creates was to share with you my passion for cooking through my little kitchen. I find cooking is where my comfort, I love discuss with friends and family about cooking tips and ideas, sharing recipes and other kitchen related stuff.