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Here is the secret of success of the Tik Tok application

Since its launch in 2016, the Tik Tok platform to share online video clips has grown at a staggering rate, downloading the app more than...

Since its launch in 2016, the Tik Tok platform to share online video clips has grown at a staggering rate, downloading the app more than a billion times, and more than 700 million people around the world use it daily.

In his report, published by the Australian website "The Conference", writer Niall Edwards-Fitzsimmons said the design of the Tik Tok platform combines music, video, dance and widespread challenges to create one of the most active networks in popular culture in 2020.

In fact, part of the explanation for the rise of this platform lies in the love of tradition, in particular imitating the movement of other people by facilitating the creation of dance clips and allowing their participation and downloading.

What is the Tik Tok app?

The writer stated that the first real evidence of the power of the Tik Tok application was the rise of rappers' "Night Naz X" which hit a special force with his song "Old Town Road". In other words, this song, released in late 2018, didn't get much attention but her dance became a choreography for dancing on Tik Tok and became a popular melody in 2019, selling ten million copies.

Currently, the application of Tik Tok has become a vital component in the pop culture industry. For its part, the video game "Fortnite" on the Internet recently launched for young people launched an application competition, which is to invent a new dance for the game's characters.

The New York Times has published in-depth investigations into who actually invented the famous dances. In Vietnam, the dance challenge that demonstrates correct handwashing measures coincided with a Ministry of Health pop song to educate citizens about the coronavirus precautions.

On the other hand, content from Tik Tok also created a comment episode with more traditional channels, and the song "Sai Soo" of pop star Doga Cat became partly famous because of a dance displayed by an application user, and Doga Cat responded by issuing the entire song accompanied with a video clip that included the dance and its inventor .

What makes Tik Tok unique?

Although Tik Tok has made its way into the ranks of global social media giants, its rise has been accompanied by some concern in the West because of its Chinese origin and its popularity among children and adolescents. However, the app largely avoided censorship by viewing itself as a "creative platform" rather than a social media site where it was designed based on a major feature for users of fun and performance.

Users can easily add music to 15-second videos, which is why dances are prominent in the app. The popularity of some clips in the application often depends on the degree of creativity and skill of the user, not to mention the value of entertainment in imitating users of the original dances.

Often dances receive widespread success, and other users of the platform publish their own versions, imitating the original user. Imitation, and especially the tradition of poses and movements, is an ancient behavior that is at the heart of human learning methods and communication among them.

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