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Would it be a substitute for its watch? .. Apple gets a patent for anextended smart ring

Apple may be working on a smart ring with an extendable design that can offer similar uses to its Apple Watch smartwatch. The Appl...

Apple may be working on a smart ring with an extendable design that can offer similar uses to its Apple Watch smartwatch.

The Apple Insider website, which tracks the news of the American company, monitored a patent for an "extended ring device" granted to it by the US Patent and Trademark Office, which indicates that when Apple actually launches this smart ring, its size will not be fixed.
This design can allow the ring to stretch like an accordion from a piece of jewelry to something like a tube around a finger. This extended design will save space for things like sensors or even a folded screen.

In other words, Apple has what might be an alternative approach to wearables that offers more than what we've seen on the Amazon EcoLube, a smart ring that supports the Alexa smart voice assistant that allows you to issue commands to your finger.

Eco Lube has not yet turned into a full consumer product, and can only be tried through an invitation from Amazon itself, but it shows a rush to experience wearable devices, and it makes sense for Apple to enter the competition in this area.

Patent images show that the expanded ring can act as a controller for specific types of devices operating on the IOS operating system. For example, the Apple Smart Ring might act as a tactile device for communicating with the upcoming iPhone 12.

Touch sensors can be embedded inside the extendable frame, so touching them with the fingers as gestures to operate external devices. In addition, Apple suggests in the patent that the ring may include rotatable buttons and other physical input elements on the main ring cover.

With all that mentioned, we must keep in mind that Apple always gets patents for such ideas, but very few of them found their way to consumers as real products.

But since there are wearable devices such as the smart ring "Eco Lube" and "Tab Star 2 Keyboards", which is a device in the form of several rings connected to each other that enter each ring in one finger of one hand, and allows control of devices via gestures, it certainly cannot be excluded The smart ring is Apple's next big thing.

In any case, according to the "Toms Guide" on technical matters, it is difficult for this smart ring to be the alternative to the upcoming "Apple Watch 6".