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An artificial intelligence tool from Google turns your photos into artwork

Google has announced a new tool (Art Transfer) in its application called (Arts & Culture), which uses artificial intelligence to a...

Google has announced a new tool (Art Transfer) in its application called (Arts & Culture), which uses artificial intelligence to allow you to convert your photos into artworks by applying the properties of popular paintings to your images, so that (Art Transfer) works by an artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes the panels Famous; to repeat its style in any image taken by the user.

Michelle Luo, product manager of Google Arts & Culture, wrote in a post: “Art Transfer does not mix just two things, or simply install your image, and instead, it begins to reproduce a unique algorithm for the inspired image Of your specific art style. ”

Google explained that the new feature works entirely on the device without the help of the cloud or processing your image over the Internet, which means that your photos are not transferred to Google servers, and the (Art Transfer) tool is now available in the (Google Arts & Culture) application for the Android and  IOS).

Google Arts & Culture is an online platform that allows anyone to access digital editions of museums, galleries and a wide range of famous artworks, in partnership with many cultural institutions around the world.

The application contains some other smart tools that support computer vision, such as the feature (Art Selfie), which was launched two years ago and allows you to take a picture of yourself, and find your likeness in famous paintings.

The research giant previously launched a number of artificial intelligence art tools, and (AutoDraw) allows anyone to produce a very fast drawing from just a scribble, so the application guesses what a person is trying to draw, and allows them to choose from a list of talented artists drawings to help them produce any Something quickly visible.

There is also a game (Quick, Draw!) That challenges players to draw a picture of an object or idea, then uses the neuronal network of artificial intelligence to guess what the graphics represent so that artificial intelligence learns from each drawing, which in the future increases its ability to guess correctly.

It is noteworthy that the Russian-based company (Prisma) launched four years ago an application that follows the concept of the Art Transfer tool itself, and the German website ( offers something similar.