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Huawei Matebook 13 changes the way you work with improved performance

Huawei has achieved a strong presence in the personal computer sector thanks to its new and innovative group of lightweight and connect...

Huawei has achieved a strong presence in the personal computer sector thanks to its new and innovative group of lightweight and connectable laptops with a variety of devices. Users.

The new (MateBook 13) computer is characterized by its lightweight and quality of design to set entirely new standards in its class, especially by integrating between the multi-screen collaboration feature and the HUAWEI FullView display.

And the multi-screen display feature allows users to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of a joint system with multiple devices, allowing them to work efficiently, and enjoy entertainment experiences with ease through smartphones and laptops.

Huawei was keen with the new (HUAWEI MateBook 13) computer to take the power and performance to a whole new level, due primarily to the provision of the computer with the tenth generation of Intel Core processors, 16 GB of random access memory, in addition to the full 2K display With multi-touch and multi-screen display to provide a comfortable and connected life.

Keith Libo, Regional Director of the Huawei Consumer Business Group in the UAE said: “Laptops are one of the main products that play an important role in our overall strategy, and the connectivity between smart devices and laptops is an urgent need in order to give users a comprehensive and seamless experience To the extreme, the new (HUAWEI MateBook 13) computer combines the distinct aesthetics and connected experience that the multi-screen display feature, along with the expanded viewing experience of the full screen of Huawei, and the amazing performance in order to provide a distinct user experience Comfortable, portable and powerful. ”

(HUAWEI MateBook Series) relies on Huawei's extensive experience in the field of innovative mobile technology, as well as its ongoing commitment to providing high-quality products, and these premium computers are part of a growing system of Huawei devices connected to each other to provide the display feature on several Screens.

These amazing features contribute to making this powerful and stylish computer the ideal companion for consumers who want to enjoy life experiences and work to the fullest.

Perfect user experience:

In the future, laptops are supposed to become more intelligent, efficient, and increasingly communicable devices, and Huawei helps achieve this bold vision by introducing new innovations that meet all needs and provides an interactive experience that ensures the integration of the laptop with the smartphone seamlessly.

Huawei's commitment to providing a system of devices that allow interaction between products is considered one of the basic aspects that play a pivotal role in reaching this desired future. As a result, the HUAWEI MateBook 13 comes equipped with a multi-screen display, which is unique to Huawei, to change By doing this one way of doing the work radically, as the user can continue to enjoy the smartphone applications on the computer.

The importance of this feature goes beyond the issue of enabling file transfer between the laptop and the smartphone, as Huawei has been able to rely on the strong processing capabilities and capabilities of the MateBook computer system to eliminate the inherent obstacles between the infrastructure of Windows and Android systems so that it can achieve the full practical potential The connection between these two systems.

Users are now able to pull files between the smartphone and the HUAWEI MateBook 13 computer with ease and flexibility and drop them, and laptop accessories such as the keyboard and mouse can be used as accessories for the smartphone, providing a more user-friendly and comfortable user experience, so that the laptop is able to share office applications More advanced with the phone; to reveal a new office experience, the user's phone becomes part of a more secure and convenient office environment.

For the next level of full-screen displays:

The laptop screenplays a significant role in providing a vibrant and vibrant user experience, and Huawei has always focused on choosing the appropriate displays for work or entertainment, and the series of computers (HUAWEI MateBook 13) features a full-screen display from Huawei with a 2K resolution of 13 inches and a resolution of 2160 × 1,440 pixels, with 1000: 1 contrast ratio, plus 100 percent full support for primary color contrast tones.

The screen has a proportional aspect ratio of 3: 2, which makes watching favorite movies an immersive experience in the full sense of the word, especially with the ability of the screen to display fine details of high-definition images or videos.

The user can also test the 2K full-screen display with the multi-touch feature of the HUAWEI MateBook 13. This feature also allows the screen to track multiple touch entries with high accuracy, in addition to supporting the device with finger gestures, where it is enough to swipe three fingers down, to take Screenshot with ease and speed.

Lightweight laptops are very popular, and the HUAWEI MateBook 13 computer takes Huawei's full-screen design to new levels, along with the industry-leading screen-to-body ratio of 88 percent.

Thanks to its sleek 4.4mm side frame, the computer provides a large screen despite its small size to enhance portability, and unlike laptops that offer a 16: 9 aspect ratio, the HUAWEI MateBook 13 provides a 3: 2 aspect ratio, thus providing More physical display space.

(HUAWEI MateBook 13) sparkles with a simple metallic design, where its edges seamlessly integrate with brushed aluminum finishes and cutting softness, using CNC technology, thanks to its dimensions of 286 x 211 x 14.9 mm and a weight of only 1.3 kg, ( HUAWEI MateBook 13) provides the optimum size and weight for highly mobile users.

Superior performance in a slim body:

Despite its slim design and compact size, the HUAWEI MateBook 13 includes a large 41.7Wh battery that works alongside advanced power and cooling management solutions to provide the device around the clock.

(HUAWEI MateBook 13) can play locally stored videos in FHD resolution for 11.6 hours, as well as support for running high-performance productivity tasks for 9 hours, or even surfing the Internet for 8 hours continuously.

The computer also comes equipped with a 65-watt Type-C portable power adapter, which is compatible with a variety of charging values, and besides using it to charge the laptop, this power adapter supports Huawei's HUAWEI SuperCharge feature for a specific group. From smartphones, this power adapter allows the user to quickly charge the laptop anywhere.

The lightweight, full-screen display, and high-performance performance of the HUAWEI MateBook 13 make it the ideal choice for young professionals who want to acquire devices that provide a comfortable, high-productivity experience, and elegant design.

In terms of performance, the premium version of (HUAWEI MateBook 13) was supplied with the tenth generation of Intel Core processors, in addition to the processor, the computer comes with a random access memory of up to 16 GB, and the device also has a solid-state drive (PCIe SSD) It is characterized by its high speed, which gives creative individuals the opportunity to express themselves without worrying about slow reading or writing.

The laptop is equipped with a separate graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce MX250) with memory (GDDR5) with a capacity of 2 GB, and this GPU provides the necessary graphic processing power to support photo and video editing tasks, as well as entertainment experiences.

Operating performance of laptops is closely related to its thermal performance - high-performance devices generate higher temperatures than their lower performance levels, and the HUAWEI MateBook 13 uses the HUAWEI Shark Fin Design 2.0 cooling system.

Inspired by the shark's fin design, the cooling system uses high-speed fans to generate high airflow in order to provide maximum levels of thermal performance, and the Intelligent Filtering system monitors thermal changes in real-time and ensures the stability of performance, and the cooling system also provides This is the most efficient cooling and heat dissipation process without worrying about high noise levels.

Comfortable and connected life:

Consumers today can unlock their smartphones with one touch of a finger, so it is natural that the user wants to own a laptop that operates at the same speed, and to this end, Huawei has been keen to improve boot speeds at the level of the basic input and output system (BIOS).

The computer includes a power stop and start button equipped with a fingerprint sensor (fingerprint power button) that combines the functions of turning the device on and off, checking fingerprints, and logging into the system in one button, and this button allows users to operate the computer very quickly, and complete the work without the need To re-enter the password or re-scan the fingerprints.

Increasing numbers of consumers tend to sit in front of the screen throughout the day, and in keeping with this need, the computer uses eye comfort technology that Huawei has previously used in many tablets and smartphones, and this technology works to filter high levels of blue light and reduce levels of stress that may Catch an eye.

The computer also includes a compulsory component to adjust the brightness, so that users can view the information with great clarity, even in conditions of use under direct sunlight in the open air. Naturally, Huawei's strategy revolves around the connectivity of devices in all scenarios.

The computer provides high-level technical capabilities to provide customers with more efficient, modern and easy-to-carry experiences. Huawei maintains its commitment to developing connected solutions that combine smartphones, computers, and other devices to provide the finest user experiences of computers.