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Reasons to buy the new and cheap iPhone SE

Apple surprised us all by launching the cheapest iPhone phone so far, which is the new iPhone SE, which comes to compete with a good nu...

Apple surprised us all by launching the cheapest iPhone phone so far, which is the new iPhone SE, which comes to compete with a good number of advanced Android phones, which have similar prices, but nevertheless, the new iPhone SE can be a great option to buy or vice versa.

If your dilemma is whether or not to buy iPhone SE, do not worry, because we will give you some urgent reasons to buy it, and other reasons that you will probably choose an Android phone, although everything will depend on the type of user you are and what you are looking for. On the phone.


The best part about this phone is its handling. It is compatible with the A13 chip, the same that was launched with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, and although this is not the first time that we have seen a phone at this price with a sophisticated chip, I can tell you that the A13 chip outperforms all Snapdragon 700 series from Android Midrange, it also beats the Kirin 980 that some Huawei and Honor advanced phones possess.
The big advantage of Apple is that the chip is completely designed to get the most out of iOS, so its processor performance is always better than any other processor used on Android.

Efficient camera

 I can tell you it's not the best camera on a phone at that price, but the photos the phone captures on a level roughly that of the iPhone 11.
Part of this amazing photo quality you owe again to the processor. Plus, you'll be able to do many of the things that have already been announced in the iPhone 11 such as quick bar or photos in portrait mode and background removal.

A phone that can last more than 3 years

One of the things I find most interesting about the new iPhone SE is that it will be a phone with a long period of updates, so this phone will likely receive 5 years of Apple OS updates.
There is no diversity in photography
Today, single-camera phones are strange. Although the camera is very good, but there is no diversity, so if you are one of those who like to take different types of photos and use the wide-angle or telephoto sensor or macro mode you will need to bet on buying another phone.

64 GB of internal storage is a joke

One of the worst things about iPhone SE is its internal storage, and today 64 GB is a joke.
Yes, the Apple phone can also be bought in 128 and 256 GB versions, but the price is also increasing. The fact is that on Android, all phones competing with iPhone SE already have a minimum of 128GB version, which is enough for most users, given that 64GB will definitely finish internal storage very quickly, especially if you use it to install many apps and games.

Design from 2017

The worst thing in my opinion about this phone is the design because it is a design that was copied from another Apple phone released in 2017. I know Apple has never distinguished by following the design trends carried by Android manufacturers, but iPhone SE looks like an "old" phone ( However, this does not mean that it is ugly).
The back may be the nicest thing on the phone, however, this may not be an item that makes a lot of people change their mind about purchasing the new iPhone SE as well.