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Zoom and Microsoft Teams .. which is right for you and why?

The use of video call applications has increased dramatically in the recent period, due to the isolation situation imposed in many coun...

The use of video call applications has increased dramatically in the recent period, due to the isolation situation imposed in many countries of the world to reduce the outbreak of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), and many people went to work from home.

Amidst many of these applications and services, the Zoom and Microsoft Teams apps have emerged as a prominent choice for many users in making group video calls.

Below we will learn about Zoom and Microsoft Teams .. which is right for you and why?

Microsoft Teams:

If your business assignments require the use of the Office 365 application package, Teams are a very convenient option for you, as it integrates with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office applications to deliver presentations and share files seamlessly.

In addition to other features such as: speaking to team members in general or in specific channels, drawing attention to the entire group or to a specific individual by referring to him, with the possibility of making a video call with up to 250 people at once.

As well as the ability to provide a direct presentation of up to 10,000 people, share the agenda before the start of the default meeting, invite guests to join, access records of previous meetings, and schedule meetings in the application or through the Outlook email application.

To increase transparency, especially with the appearance of security vulnerabilities in many other video call applications, Microsoft has created a blog that highlights its security practices dedicated to protecting the application as it stated that it does not use your data in the Teams app to display ads, does not track participants, and it also deletes all your data after your subscription has ended.

And with the ability to include your work team with your Office 365 subscription, you can download a free version of the application to communicate with them, and Microsoft has lifted restrictions on the free version so that companies and schools can use it even without a subscription.

It also offers a six-month free trial of the Office 365 E1 package, for companies without a license to use the Teams app, and the Office 365 subscription package that includes the Teams app starts at $ 5 per user per month.

Why this app is right for you:

  • Integration with Office 365 package.
  • Provide security and privacy.
  • Easily share files.


Zoom offers a basic free plan to host up to 100 participants, with subscription options for small and medium businesses ($ 15- $ 20 per month).

The application allows the setting of meeting times and the choice of multiple hosts, and up to 1000 users can participate in one Zoom video call, and 49 videos can be shown on the screen at one time.

Zoom offers high-quality audio and video quality and collaboration tools such as: concurrent screen sharing, text annotation, the ability to record meetings, and integration with Outlook and Gmail to schedule meetings.

But if you are using the Zoom app, it is important to take into account the security issues that have arisen in the app, as many privacy holes and many security vulnerabilities have emerged.

This is what made the application offer many customization tools to protect your meetings, such as: using an ID for each meeting, and activating the feature (waiting room) so you can know who is trying to join the meeting before allowing access.

Why this app is right for you:

  • Possibility to customize.
  • Provide high-quality audio and video.
  • The free version allows 100 people to participate simultaneously.
  • Ability to record meetings for future reference.