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6 applications to read ebooks in Windows

Over the past few years, e-books have moved from an idea into a widespread alternative to paper books, as devices like: Nook and Kindle ...

Over the past few years, e-books have moved from an idea into a widespread alternative to paper books, as devices like: Nook and Kindle have become a great way to read books online. But it is not the only option, but there are many applications that you can use if you are using a Windows device.

Here are 5 applications to read e-books in Windows:

1- Kindle app:

To get the most out of the Kindle app you will need to be an Amazon customer. The application features an ads-free, organized user interface to achieve a useful reading experience. Once you open the app, you will see all the books on the cloud or on your device.

The app gives you access to where you last read it, regardless of the device you were previously reading, and if you want to use the app to access books outside Kindle Store, you will first need to convert them to a supported format, then upload them to the Amazon service cloud.

2- Bookvisor app:

Bookvisor design differs from the rest of the applications in this list, while most applications choose flat colors and a distracting user interface, the application offers a reading experience similar to reading paper books.

The app allows to change themes automatically based on daily hours, customizable margins, spacing, fonts, brightness selection slider, and importable bookmarks, the app is free to use, with a paid version that offers text to speech feature.

3- Cover application:

The Cover app is especially intended for comic books and Graphic Novel fans, and the app provides many features for the reader of these books such as: zooming in on specific panels with a click, or scrolling between pages with a simple gesture.

The application supports most major formats like: CBZ, ZIP, CBR, RAR, 7Z, CB7, CBT, PDF, and EPUB, in addition to standard image formats like: JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP.

In addition to other features such as: providing customizable shelves, status (read or unread), number of pages, support for storing e-books in folders on your device, and in cloud storage services.

4- Caliber application:

The Caliber application is a tool for managing an electronic library in the Windows operating system rather than a reading app, as it is ideal for organizing your collection of e-books and transferring them to any e-book reader, but nonetheless you can use it to read e-books.

You can use it as a supportive application for a dedicated electronic reader device, and it is not a great solution if you only read on a computer, but if you use a computer running Windows in addition to another device, you can integrate an e-book reader with this application to manage your library in one interface.

5- Freda app:

You can use the Freda app to read e-books in formats: EPUB, MOBI, FB2, HTML and TXT, as well as to read more than 50,000 free books, by pulling free e-books from well-known book websites on the web such as: Gutenberg and Feedbooks.

You can also customize controls, fonts, and colors, annotate your ebooks, use the text-to-audio tool, and create bookmarks.

In addition, the application is one of the only e-book reading applications in the Windows operating system that provides convenient settings for dyslexia and the OpenDyslexic font.

6- Icecream Ebook Reader:

Icecream Ebook Reader provides a simpler experience when reading e-books, and supports e-book formats: EPUB, FB2, MOBI, PDF, CBR, CBZ, and TXT.

In addition to tools for managing books, research, and annotations, the app does not support cloud sync, but it does have a useful archiving and export feature to access your e-book library on many different devices….